How to get cheap Netflix as a studentHow to get cheap Netflix as a student

How to watch movies on Netflix at cheap price as a student
Netflix is an online streaming service with a lot of movies and Tv programmes
to watch and chill during the weekend. However, this often comes with subscriptions.
These subscriptions are high with low discounts available for it.

As a student, we understand the feelings of wanting to watch a new release on Netflix,
but the monthly subscription is a big deal to handle. No worries, here are the various
ways to get cheap Netflix. Try and read to the end. 

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Steps to get cheap Netflix

Sharing of your account
Get to know how many members in your family are having Netflix. With the standard
 plan, you can watch any channel on two different screens at once.
That means you can choose to watch Action movies while your family members
watch peep Shows.

With sharing of Netflix account with your family member, you’ll both split the money
into two of which you pay £5.50 a month per person, compare to the whole bundle
you will be paying as single individuals. That should be around £66 in one year,
unlike you spending £84. These would reduce the cost of spending and you get to
watch HD movies without interruption.

If you share housing with three other individuals, you may split the cost of a Netflix
Premium subscription, which enables simultaneous streaming on up to four devices.
That works out to around £4 per person every month, or £48 for the entire year, when

divided among four people. If there are three of you, the same account costs around
£5.30 per person each month, or £64 for a full year.

Or you might choose the Basic (£6.99 per month) or Basic with advertisements (£4.99
per month) tier if you and your roommates don’t have the same schedule and won’t be
watching at the same time.

A Basic account shared by three individuals costs £2.33 per month (or £28 per year),
whereas a Basic account shared by three people costs the same

Download episodes and movies before hand

Having understood your type of plan to ensure that you’re committed to the Netflix
plan that’s best for you. How else could you save costs? It’s time to talk about
preparing ahead since we’re assuming that not all of you have limitless data plans for
your mobile devices.

Netflix subscription
iPhone 13 showing its screen with Netflix application.

Yes, while we’re (fortunate enough to be) on the run, we all enjoy watching Netflix.
However, not everyone wants to pay more for their phone plans (I repeat engaging
with your mobile carrier is not fun for anyone). It is now necessary to pre-charge your
phone or tablet. For more information on how to download Netflix movies and series,
look for the download button on the content you’re interested in. Unfortunately,
Netflix with advertising members is unable to download episodes and movies.

Pay your subscription using gift cards

The research required for this hack is a little bit more extensive than it is for the
others, but emergencies like this needs emergent effort. Effectively, gift cards that

are sold at a variety of different businesses can be used to pay for Netflix
subscriptions. Netflix can be purchased for a little less than it is worth on websites
like, but typically just a few pounds are saved.

Additionally, keep in mind that you can buy Netflix memberships through Google
Play and iTunes (this only works for current subscribers as new customers can no
longer sign up to Netflix via iTunes or Google Play). You can therefore use those to
pay for your Netflix subscription if you can find some reduced iTunes or Google Play
gift cards.

Use Cashback websites

Enjoying student discount on most product is very important. One of the discounts
you can enjoy is on cashback website, you can use them for   ASOS, broadband, and
utility bills. Thus, there shouldn’t be any difference paying for Netflix plan. It’s always
worthwhile to investigate whether there is cashback available for purchasing Apple
Music on websites like Quidco and Top Cashback. If you already have Apple billing
set up, you may utilise this to pay for your Netflix subscription.

Even though the payback is only a little percentage, it adds up. Additionally, to
maximise your earnings if you have a student cashback credit card, you might
purchase your gift card through a cashback website using your credit card. Sadly,
Google Play does not offer cashback. You can still utilise cashback websites to shop
at CDKeys, though.

Try another streaming website

Consider using less expensive streaming services. This last piece of advice is more of
an alternative than a real answer. Other streaming services, some of which are totally
free, can be combined, nevertheless. You can view BBC iPlayer for free if you have a
TV licence. In fact, you might not even require a TV licence. As long as you aren’t
viewing live TV, you also won’t need a TV licence to use other streaming services.
You can choose the online streaming service that best suits.


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