The Presidential Fellowship Program, at Miami University is a scholarship program designed to provide support to individuals seeking advanced education. With an emphasis on cultivating excellence and leadership this initiative offers a wide range of advantages and prospects, for deserving candidates.

The Presidential Fellowship Program, at Miami University is open to applicants from across the globe. This fellowship, fully funded by Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, United States offers a range of study areas and ample opportunities, for scholars.

Scholarship forInternational Students and US citizens
Program LevelGraduation
Host CountryUS
OrganizationMiami University
Application DeadlineEvery December of the year
No. of Scholarshipslimited
Table of the scholarship

Eligible Nations; Students, from around the world are encouraged to apply for the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program.

Country of Residence; The fellowship program is hosted in the United States at Miami University.

Institution Hosting; Miami University is home to the Presidential Fellowship Program for chosen scholars.

Fields of Study: The Presidential Fellows Scholarship at Miami University is open to undergraduate students in any field of study, granting them the opportunity to explore their academic interests while pursuing their career goals


The Presidential Fellowship Program, at Miami University offers a scholarship package to its recipients. This package includes coverage for tuition fees accommodation expenses and a stipend, throughout the program duration. It enables scholars to fully devote themselves to their endeavors from any financial concerns.

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Scholarship Value:

  • As a Presidential Fellow you’ll be granted access, to an enrichment fund of up to $5,000. This fund can be utilized throughout your four year tenure at Miami University.

Examples of eligible uses for the enrichment fund include:

  • Independent research
  • Study abroad or away programs
  • Internships
  • Public service and/or community engagement initiatives
  • Other enrichment activities approved by the Miami University Presidential Fellows Program Enrichment Fund Review Committee.
  • Please note that any funds not used cannot be refunded.

Coverage of Presidential Fellows Scholarship at Miami University

Tuition and Fees; The Presidential Fellows Scholarship will cover your tuition and fees for a total of eight fall/spring semesters. However in order to maintain the scholarship you must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 each year.

Covered Expenses; The scholarship includes costs, like fees, non resident surcharges, general fees, career development fees and course fees as listed on your billing statement.

Excluded Expenses; Please note that the Presidential Fellows Program scholarship does not cover expenses such as winter/summer term fees, study abroad fees university contract confirmation deposits, health insurance costs, health center fees, pharmacy charges orientation fees, pre admission testing fees. Additionally it does not cover expenses for books, computers, supplies or any other necessary expenses.

Optional Expenses; It’s important to know that the scholarship does not cover expenses like MUlaa accounts, parking permits or fines incurred from parking violations. It also doesn’t cover library fines or charges, for air conditioner rentals or cell/telephone usage.


To be eligible for the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • International students from all countries and US citizens can apply.
  • Applicants must possess a strong academic history and have leadership potential.
  • Students must apply through the Common Application first and then for the Honors program.
  • Students must meet all requirements and criteria of the selected course.
  • High-school transcripts, portfolio or concept documents, and ACT or SAT scores (optional) must be provided.
  • A recommendation letter from an academic teacher or school counselor is required.
  • The scholarship is available to first-year bachelor’s program applicants.
  • Applicants must maintain a 3.50 CGPA each year to continue the scholarship.
  • Confirmation of interest in the Miami Honors program is also necessary.

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Process of Application and selection

To apply for the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program, follow the steps outlined below:

Research and Preparation:

Make sure to conduct research, on the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program so you can fully grasp the programs requirements, expectations and advantages. Additionally it’s important to Familiarize yourself with the Miami University Honors College since expressing your interest in the Honors College is a prerequisite, for being considered for the Presidential Fellowship Program.

Complete the Common Application:

To apply to Miami University you can submit the Common Application online. Don’t forget to mention your interest, in Miamis Honors College while completing the application.

Application Deadline:

  • Please make sure to submit your application before the deadline of December 1, at 11;59 p.m. It’s extremely important to meet this deadline in order for your application to be considered for the Presidential Fellowship Program..

Supporting Documents:

Please gather the required supporting documents as, per the instructions provided in the application guidelines. These documents may comprise of transcripts, a resume, recommendation letters and a personal statement. It is important to ensure that you submit all the documents, within the specified deadline.

Application Review:

Once you’ve submitted your application the selection committee will carefully review it. They will assess your application by considering the documents you’ve provided and the information you have shared.

Notification of Finalists:

If you have been chosen as a finalist, for the Presidential Fellowship Program (PFP) you will receive a notification in January. Receiving this notification means that you have progressed to the phase of the application process.

Interview Process:

If you are chosen as a finalist, for the PFP there’s a possibility that you will be contacted for an interview. It is crucial to prepare for the interview and ensure that you can effectively demonstrate your qualifications, skills and enthusiasm, for the program.

Final Decision:

Once the interview process is finished the candidates will receive communication, about their acceptance into the fellowship. It’s important to note that this decision might take a while. It’s crucial to remain patient during this phase.

Please make sure to check the website for the updates, on the Miami University Presidential Fellowship Program.

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