Make money on Swagbucksmake money on swagbucks

Are you a student looking for a way of making extra income in 2024, here is a way in which you can do that by just watching videos online and earning. This is quite different from the ones you might have been hearing or doing, as this platform known as Swagbucks will not only pay you by watching videos but also pay for refering without paying a dime as a Nigeria student.

On the membership website Swagbucks, users can earn money by completing surveys, watching movies, playing games, sampling items, shopping online, and more. Perhaps the most well-known online survey platform worldwide is Swagbucks. In this post, we’ll examine how to use Swagbucks to generate income in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

What is Swagbucks?

A website called Swagbucks rewards users with points for completing easy online tasks. This involves engaging in activities such as online shopping, viewing films, and finishing paid surveys.

Swagbucks points, or “SBs,” will be used as payment. These can be exchanged for money or gift cards. Online shops, such as Amazon, provide the gift cards they provide.

Swagbucks allows you to convert points directly into cash in your PayPal account if you’d rather use it to generate extra money. Alternatively, in moments of generosity, you can make a charitable donation.

How to register on Swagbucks

Follow these steps on how you can register;

First step is sign up

The first step is to sign up for a Swagbucks account. Signing up is very easy. All you need is your email and password. (Make sure this email is active because you will need to verify it. click here to sign up

How to make money on Swagbucks
Make money on Swagbucks

Step Two is Email Verification

As mentioned earlier, the email you must be supplying must be active in order to verify.

After signing up, it is very important to verify your email. If you do not verify your email, you will not have access to earn money. So, check your email, you will receive a verification email. Open it and click on the email. That is all.

Step ThreeStart making money on Swagbucks

After your verification, the next step is how to make money on the website which is the main purpose of this post.

How to make money on Swagbucks

Using Swagbucks as your default search engine instead of Google or Bing is the simplest method to begin earning.

Simply by utilizing their browser to browse the web instead of your own, you will instantly begin earning points.

For every ten to twenty searches, you should anticipate accruing between ten and twenty SB points. The search queries will determine the final total. This can mount up to several hundred pounds after searching every day for several months.

Using swagbucks search engine as default
Making use of Swagbucks as your search engine. Credit – Savethestudent

Take Surveys

Time-rich but cash-poor? Filling out a few short surveys each day through Swagbucks can be a really nice little earner.They usually take between three and 20 minutes to complete. Depending on the survey, you’ll earn around 40 SB – 100 SB (sometimes even more!). There’s also a daily poll to complete which literally takes two seconds and will earn you one extra SB.

Get Paid watching videos

Now imagine all the time and all the data you wasted watching videos on YouTube and Facebook. If you spend same time and data on Swagbucks, you get paid for it.

Just in case you are wondering how they are able to pay people to watch videos. The thing is that most content creators want people to see their content, they want their contents to go viral. To achieve this, they pay people to watch it.

Make money playing games

We enjoy ourselves and pass the time by playing games. Our go-to pastime when we’re bored is playing games. You can earn money by playing games with Swagbucks, though.

For playing games, you get paid. Every game played on Thursdays at Swagbucks has the potential to win up to $1,000. as participants compete or the money.

Make money by downloading Apps and games to your phone

You can earn a broad variety of points for downloading, installing and opening certain apps on your phone, tablet or computer.

Although you’ll sometimes get rewarded for simply installing the app, you’ll usually have to complete some kind of action.

Get paid by referring your friends

If you have lots of friends who love to make money taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and more. You can invite them to join Swagbucks and you will be paid when your friends join and start earning.

Complete daily goals

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a button for the daily bonus. Within here there’s a ‘to do list’ with a number of daily tasks for you to complete.

You’ll accumulate points for each task you complete and get bonus points for crossing off everything on your list in a day.

Activate the Swagbucks ‘daily goal’ option (button in the header) and the site will set you a target amount of SBs to aim for. If you manage to reach your goal, they’ll stick some extra bonus points on top for you.

Don’t spend actual money on the ‘Deal of the Day’ unless it’s something you’re genuinely interested in. The Swagbucks you’ll get in return are usually worth a lot less than the cash you’ll spend.

Scan receipts

Did you know you can earn SB by simply scanning your receipts? Under the ‘Magic Receipt’ tab on the Swagbucks website, you can find a list of items that qualify you to earn SB. If you have bought this item, add it to your list on the website and submit the receipt.

How much can you make on Swagbucks

Even though you won’t be able to afford a Ferrari or a Mercedes, you can support yourself financially each month if you devote enough of your spare time in side jobs.

Make sure you log in often to complete the various surveys if you want to increase your income. More SB, or money, is awarded for surveys. When available, participate in contests; if you’re lucky, you could win a sizable sum of money.

Is Swagbucks legit

Swagbucks is very legit. They are the most popular online survey website with hundreds of thousands of members around the world. On Trustpilot which is the internet’s number one review platform from users, Swagbucks average 4.3 stars our of a possible 5 stars from over 16,000 members. Rated as excellent.

It is also important to note that Swagbucks has paid out over $400 million to its members to that!

How to withdraw on Swagbucks

At Swagbucks you earn SB. Once you have enough SB, you can convert it to cash via PayPal or convert it to an Amazon Gift card.

This is probably an obstacle to some Nigerians who do not have a PayPal that can receive money. You can try opening a PayPal business account that can receive money in Nigeria.

Alternatively, you can convert your SB to amazon gift card and use it to shop on Amazon. You can buy phones or anything on Amazon and it will be delivered to your house in Nigeria.

Is Swagbucks available in Nigeria

Yes, Swagbucks is available in Nigeria. Nigerians can open Swagbuck account, take surveys and complete other tasks. They will earn the Swagbucks currency known as SB which they can easily convert to cash or gift card anytime as long as they have sufficient SB.

To apply – click here

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