Outud is a platform created in 2023 mainly for the students to provide scholarship updates, study guides and helping students with their finances in a way in which the students can save and earn money online without going through payments that are not necessary.

Our focus

We focus on the students in Nigeria, Africa and every part of the world. In as much, you are a student, the platform is for you.


We want to ensure that students are able to attend schools for free and at cheaper rates. We also aims to equip students with the opportunities that they can benefit from. We will be offering major discounts posts on products to the students to enable them save money.

Our team

We are a team of three individuals saddled with the responsibility of giving beneficial posts and updates to students


There are lots of benefits that students will have on this blog ranging from discounts, winning competitions and prizes.


We are based in the United Kingdom.

For further enquiry, you can send a message on icanstudent2@gmail.com